The Ultimate Car Servicing Station in Sydney for SRS

SRS stands for Supplemental Restraint System and is a technical name for the Airbag System, which is a must in every car to keep you safe in those fateful times of road accidents.

We offer a remarkable service for car airbags so that your safety device always stays in the top condition and proves useful to you whenever required. There are many parts which work in coordination with each other for the efficient functioning of the airbag system. We check and service those parts to ensure your safety on the road.

Our team also guides customers on the use of airbag system, and so you can seek answers to all your questions at our workshop. A warning light for the airbag system gets illuminated whenever any defect arises in any of the parts. You should get the airbag system of your car inspected quickly if you see that the warning light is ‘On’.